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Paterson River history

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Aboriginal history

Adair, George

Adair, James

Adair, Samuel Lennox

Addison, Thomas

Ahalton - see McClymont, James

Alexander, Charles Boyd

Allynbrook Wine Bar


Arnold, William Munnings

Ballard, Lydia

Barker, Susannah

Beatty Hotel, East Gresford

Bedwell, Frederick and Susanna

BelleVue - see Evans, William

Belmore Bridge

Binder, Richard

Bird Hill - see Clarke, Richard

Bona Vista

Boughton, John Herring

Bowthorne 1820s - see McClymont, James

Bowthorne 1830s - see Livingstone, Alexander

Bowthorne Butter Factory

Boydell, Charles

Brisbane Grove

Brooklyn House

Bucknell, William

Bucknell, William Wentworth

Burdett, Maria

Burrell, Ann

Bush Inn - see Sussex House

Cader Idris


Camyr Allyn - see Boydell, Charles

Cardoness - see Adair, George

Caswell, Emily

CBC Bank/B&B

Church Reserve 1831 (map)

Church & School Corporation land

Cintra - see Ward, Susannah

Clarendon - see Ward, Susannah

Clarke, Ralph Mills

Clarke, Richard

Clerks to the Bench at Paterson 1825 to 1840

Codehy (Cuddy), Margaret

Commercial Hotel (Tavern)

Commercial Road

Convicts (references)

Convicts assigned to John Eales

Convicts assigned to Tocal

Cornwall Vale

corn staddle

Corner, William

Cory, Edward Gostwyck

Cory, John snr

Cory Vale - see Cory, John snr

Court House Hotel (Paterson)

Creebank - see Adair, James

Cricketers' Arms Inn

Cross Keys Hotel

Crown Inn

Dalglish, Alison & James – see Campsie

Dangar 1828 (map)

Davis, Benjamin

Duckenfield Park Butter Factory

Dun, William

Duninald - see Dun, William

Dunmore House

Dunmore, Mary

Dwyer, Anthony

Eagleton creamery

Eales, John - convicts assigned to

Elms Hall - see Bucknell, William


Evans, William

Farmers Hotel, Vacy

Farmers Union/market - Paterson

Flannagan, Catherine

Flour mills, Paterson

Flynn, Catherine

Frankland, Capt. George & Sarah

Fry & Co's Coaches

Fry, Henry & Herbert - see Fry & Co's Coaches.

Glebe - see Middleton, Rev.

Glenrose - see Middleton, Rev.

Goodall, Mary

Gostwyck - see Cory, Edward

Gostwyck Bridge

Gostwyck Butter Factory

Government Wharf, Paterson

Grain Store (William Corner's)

Great Northern Broom Factory

Greenwood, Martha (Margaret)

Gresford Bridge

Gresford Hotel

Gresford (area)—land grants (map)

Gresford (south)—land grants (map)


Half Way House Inn, Vacy

Halton estate, Allyn River

Halton School, Allyn River

Hog Island

Horns Crossing

Hotels - list/index

Hughes, Mary

Hull, Mary

Hunter Inn (the)

Johnson, Frances

Johnstone, Edward - see Annandale

Junction Inn (Beatty Hotel)

Kealy, Edward

Keppie's sawmill

Kirk, Mary Ann

Lake Paterson

Land grants

Land grants 1812 to 1831 (map)

Lang, Andrew

Lang, George

Lang, William

Lannan, Mary

Lemon Grove - see Swan, John

Lennoxton - see Adair, Samuel


Livingstone, Alexander

Lowery, Mary

Lower Hunter - Barrallier 1801 (map)

Lower Hunter 1843 (map)

Maitland (references)

Manning, Elizabeth

Marceau, Edgar

Martins Creek School

Maps - list/index

McClymont, James

McGill butcher's shop

McGraw, Eleanora

McKennell, Margaret

Middleton, Rev. George A

Millers Forest creamery

Mitchell, Martha

Mormons, Paterson 1850s

Mount Johnstone

Mowbray - see Frankland, George

Nind, Isaac Scott

North Coast Railway at Paterson


Oddfellows Hall

Old Banks

Osterley creamery

Orange Grove - see Powell, John

Paterson (references)

Paterson and Commercial Road c1840 (map)

Paterson Court House

Paterson electoral roll 1870-71

Paterson electoral roll 1878-79

Paterson electoral roll 1903

Paterson electoral roll 1913

Paterson, Elizabeth

Paterson's flour mills

Paterson history—to 1821

Paterson history—from 1822

Paterson Hotel

Paterson hotels - list/index

Paterson land from 1822 (map)

Paterson Post Office

Paterson Post Office Directory 1872

Paterson Public School

Paterson River (painting)

Paterson town walk

Paterson Valley (map)

Paterson village

Paterson village 1876 (map)

Paterson village 1840 subdivision (map)

Paterson village pre 1840 (map)

Paterson Wharf

Paterson, William

Patersons Plains 1812 (map)

Patersons Plains 1821 (map)

Patersons Plains c1830 (map)

Pell, George


Pethebridge, Richard and Elizabeth

Phillips, James

Phoenix Hulk

Pitnacree Bridge

Plough Inn

Police at Paterson - overview

Police officers at Paterson 1819 to 1840

Poltimore - see Cory, John snr

Pomfrett's Cottage, Woodville

Pound-keepers at Paterson 1825 to 1841

Powell, John

Pugh, Mary Ann

Punt at Paterson

Railway (Paterson/North Coast)

Ralston, Nancy

Reeves, John

Reynolds, Charles

Reynolds, John

Ritchie, Elizabeth

Rose, Sarah

Royal Oak Inn

Sawmill at Paterson

School of Arts, Paterson

Scott, Walter

Scourgers at Paterson 1825 to 1840

Settlers' Arms Hotel

Settlers Road

Sillick - see Cory, John snr

Smith, John Jennings (Rev.)

St. Ann's Presb Church, Paterson

St. Paul's Anglican Church, Eccleston

St. Paul's Anglican Church, Paterson

Stubbs, Thomas

Summer Hill - see Kealy, Edward


Sussex House

Swan, John

Tackbeare - see Cory, John snr

The Tavern

The Vineyard - see Frankland, G

Thompson, Maria Ann



Tocal's convicts

Tocal directory 1822 to 1964

Tolpuddle martyrs


Townshend, George

Trevallyn - see Townshend, George

Tucker, Charlotte

Tucker, John snr

Tucker, John jnr

Tucker, John Doidge

Tucker Park - see Tucker, John Doidge

Turner, Frances

Union or market - Paterson

Vacy estate - see Cory, John snr

Vacy area—land grants (map)

Vacy—1927 subdivision

Vacy Bridge

Vacy Creamery

Viles/Vales, Ann


Ward, Susannah Matilda

Watch-house keepers Paterson

Webber, James Phillips

Webber, John Phillips

Wellington Inn

Wentworth, Martha

Westbrook, Charlotte

Whitmore, Robert

Williams, George

Wilson, Caleb

Wonnarua Aboriginal people

Woodville area—land grants (map)

Worimi Aboriginal people