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Paterson River history

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Dangar 1828

Dangar's map[1] is the first official European map of the Hunter Valley. It indicates land grants and shows the extensive wetlands on both sides of the Paterson River. The one mile square grid imposed by Dangar is evident on his map. The large green patch near the middle of the map is Church and School land (which was later detailed in an 1831 map by GB White).[2]

In Dangar's map north is on the right hand side (north is usually at the top of maps). The symbol of a tent with a flag on top (left hand side of the green patch, just above the river) is the military base at Old Banks. The inn across the river from the military base was run by Thomas Stubbs.

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Dangar's 1828 map of Paterson area Tocal/James Webber Bona Vista/James Phillips Cintra/Susannah Ward Tillimby/JH Boughton Gostwyck/EG Cory Vineyard/G Frankland Bellevue/W Evans Dunninald/W Dun Vacy/Cory Vale Military Barracks/Old Banks Inn/Thomas Stubbs Brisbane Grove/G Williams

Notes and references

1. Dangar, H. Index and Directory to Map of the Country Bordering Upon the River Hunter. London: Joseph Cross, 1828.

2. Archer, Cameron. "Social and Environmental Change as Determinants of Ecosystem Health: A Case Study of Social Ecological Systems in the Paterson Valley NSW Australia". Ph.D. thesis, University of Newcastle, 2007, p40.

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