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Paterson River history

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Church Reserve 1831

This plan of the Church Reserve at Paterson Plains was drawn by surveyor George Boyle White in 1831.[1]

The plan shows the lockup at Old Banks, the track north (named settler's road) and three large lagoons (Powell's, Whitmore's and Swan's lagoons) which were part of the extensive wetlands complex that included Lake Paterson to the south east.

The full plan is available online.

GB White map 1831

Notes and references

1. Church Reserve at Patersons Plains, GB White 1831, ML A1449/6.

This map is probably the original from which a tracing was made and published as Church and School Land (Survey and Particulars of Sale of, in Parishes of Middlehope, Butterwick and Wolfingham), Legislative Council of New South Wales, 1872. The tracing is signed 'G. B. White, August 1831' and reprinted in Cynthia Hunter's The Settlers of Paterson's Plains. Paterson: Paterson Historical Society, 1997, appendix map 7.

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