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Paterson River history

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Paterson in early 1876

This map is dated 3 April 1876. It was drawn by Mr Jones, District Inspector of Schools, to show possible sites for Paterson Public School which was operating out of the Oddfellows Hall at that time.[1]

The numbers are not part of the original map. They have been added to assist interpretation - see the notes below the map.

Paterson 1876

Explanatory notes

1. "Pres. Church": St Ann's Presbyterian Church - opened in 1842.

2. "Post Office Telegraph Office", and 12. "Post Office": postal and telegraph departments at Paterson were not amalgamated until 1875, and this map shows the location of the two separate facilities before amalgamation (2 and 12). Evidently 2 on the map, now a service station, was the site after amalgamation, until the current Paterson Post Office opened diagonally across the road in 1885 (on the northern part of Brown's block). Apparently site 12, which is "Noumea", housed the Post Office prior to 1875. "Noumea" is probably Paterson's oldest building.

3. "Cann's Store": the site is now a vacant block at the intersection of Duke and King Sts. The general store was built by the Cann family in the mid 1800s. It was destroyed by fire in 1961 and not rebuilt. It is the building on the right in this photo.

4. "Puxty's Hotel": this is the Royal Oak Inn, built in the late 1840s and still standing. In the 1870s it was known as "Puxty's Royal Oak Inn".

5. "W Corner": William Corner was then the owner of "Annandale", built in 1839 and still standing today.

6. "Brooker": the document to which the map is attached lists John and Henry Brooker as butchers in Paterson. Decades later Hall Brothers operated a butcher's shop on this site. It was demolised in the 1920s. See photo.

7. "Mr Thompson": in the document also referred to as "Mr Thompson's Inn". It was the former Wellington Inn, no longer licensed when the map was drawn. The building was destroyed by fire in 1889.

8. "Late CE School": the former Church of England school house. The CBC B&B, previously the CBC Bank, now stands on that block.

9. "Hotel": this is the Court House Hotel which opened in January 1876, only a short time before the map was drawn. Despite two fires it still stands.

10. "Court House": Paterson Court House which opened in 1858 and achieved its current form in 1863. It is now the Court House Museum.

11. "Mrs Brodericks 1½ acre ... owner will not sell": the site of the former Settlers' Arms Hotel that burnt down in 1868. Mrs Broderick eventually sold this 1.5 acres to the Government and Paterson Public School was built on the block in 1878. It is now a private residence at 11 Church St Paterson.

12. "Post Office": this building still stands as "Noumea". See number 2 above for explanation.

13. "Paterson House": this is almost certainly the Paterson Hotel, also known as the Paterson Arms Hotel. The map is not strictly to scale. It was demolished about 1957.

14. "Rev Mr Adams": the Church of England Rectory. The original rectory was built by 1839. The current structure was built as a rectory in 1906 and is now a private residence.

15. "CE Church": St Paul's Church of England, completed in 1845 and still standing.


1. Paterson Public School 1875-1978 by Jan Burnswoods, Department of Education, 1978. Unpublished manuscript, copy held by Paterson Historical Society. Digital copy