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Paterson River history

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Patersons Plains 1812

European settlement on the Paterson River at Patersons Plains in 1812 is shown superimposed on a satellite image, with some later features indicated in orange as reference points. See notes below for sources and details.

The village of Paterson (gazetted in 1833) is off the map, a few kilometres to the north (top).

Patersons Plains 1812


  • the exact location and shape of settlers' farms, with the exception of Swan's farm, are taken from the transects in Dangar's original 1823 survey that have been reconstructed in Luke Doran's A Historical Investigation into the Colonial Surveys at Old Banks, Paterson River (Major Project, Bachelor of Surveying, University of Newcastle (unpublished), 2007).
  • Swan's farm was not part of Dangar's survey as reconstructed by Doran (see note above). The indicative shape of Swan's farm as originally taken up has been dervied from GB White's 1831 map and other sources.
  • the indicative shape and extent of Lake Paterson is adapted from Cameron Archer's PhD Thesis, "Social and Environmental Change as Determinants of Ecosystem Health: A Case Study of Social Ecological Systems in the Paterson Valley NSW Australia", University of Newcastle, 2008.
  • for sources regarding dates of settlement and other details see the overview to 1821 or consult the pages of the respective individual settlers (see people index).
  • see also Brian Walsh's European Settlement at Paterson River 1812 to 1822, Paterson Historical Society, 2012.

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