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Paterson River history

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Patersons Plains c1830

This reconstruction of Patersons Plains in about 1830 has been compiled from several maps and a range of records.[1]

At this time the court house, lockup, government cottage and pound at Old Banks comprised the centre of colonial government administration for the district. Old Banks retained this central function until the town of Paterson was gazetted in 1833, situated on the river a few kilometres to the north.

Land grants to the north of this map are shown on the map 'Paterson land grants from 1822'.

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Patersons Plains c1830 Tocal Bona Vista/James Phillips Cintra/Susannah Ward Bellevue/W Evans Dunninald/W Dun Old Banks Old Banks Church and School land Lemon Grove Orange Grove/John Powell Clarendon/Susannah Ward

Notes and references

1. this map was compiled by Cameron Archer, Dean Morris and Brian Walsh. It was first published in: Walsh, Brian. Voices from Tocal: Convict Life on a Rural Estate. Paterson: CB Alexander Foundation, 2008.

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