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Paterson River history

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George Jackson Frankland & Sarah

[The Vineyard]  [Mowbray]

Captain George Jackson Frankland was master of the ship Ann when he arrived in New South Wales with his wife Sarah in July 1823. Sarah had been born at Northallerton, in the vale of Mowbray, Yorkshire, in 1794 and they married in 1822. Shortly after their arrival in 1823 Sarah gave birth to a son, George Frankland jnr, and they decided to leave the sea. In August 1823 George Frankland snr was granted 2,080 acres of land on the Paterson River west of Edward Cory's grant 'Gostwyck'. Frankland named his grant 'The Vineyard'.

Apparently one of Captain Frankland's main aims was to grow grapes and it is claimed he introduced the first grape vines into the Paterson area. Unfortunately he died of 'fever' in Sydney in December 1825, leaving Sarah to raise their three sons.[1]

map showing Frankland's land grant

Frankland's land grant on the Paterson River. See full map.

Sarah returned to England in 1826 and left the management of The Vineyard to James Webber of Tocal. In January 1826 the household furniture and farm equipment at The Vineyard were advertised for sale and the property was put up for lease. Edward Cory leased 'The Vineyard' and moved into Vineyard Cottage in 1826 with his wife Frances until about the end of 1831.

In 1832 the Settlers Arms Hotel opened on Frankland's land near the Vineyard crossing of the Paterson River (now at the end of Mowbray lane), upsteam from the current Gostwyck Bridge. For travellers heading north, Vineyard Crossing was the first place to cross the Paterson River above the limit of its navigation by boat. The hotel possibly opened in Vineyard Cottage after Cory moved out.

When James Webber quit the colony in 1835 Alexander Park supervised the management of The Vineyard until it was taken over by one of Sarah Frankland's sons in 1844 (possibly George Jackson Frankland jnr). The estate was renamed 'Mowbray' after Sarah's place of birth. Sarah died in Ripon, Yorkshire, in 1881 at the age of 87.[2]

After several stays overseas, George Jackson Frankland jnr returned to Mowbray in 1863 and lived there until he sold the property in August 1902. He died in December 1902.[3]


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