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Paterson River history

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Greville's Post Office Directory 1872

Page 412
Distance 105 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 11.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday 6 a.m., daily (Sunday excepted) 1.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Steam Newcastle or Morpeth, rail East Maitland, coach Paterson.

Surame Christian Occupation Address Post Town
ABBOTT John resident Lenexton Paterson
ADAMS Rev. F. W. (Episcopalian) Church St. Paterson
ALLEN Alexander sawyer Cory's Ck. Paterson
ALLEN Isaac sawyer Cory's Ck. Paterson
ARNOLD Hon. W. M. MP, Speaker Strodbrook House Paterson
ARNOLD John settler Old Banks Paterson
ARNOLD John W. sawyer Cory's Ck. Paterson
BAKER Thomas labourer Back St. Paterson
BAMBACK George tobacco manufacturer Toryburn Paterson
BASTIN Walter overseer Dunalld Paterson
BEATTY J. tobacco manufacturer Elms Hall Paterson
BOYCE Henry --- Welchman's Flat Paterson
BOYCE John freeholder Welchman's Flat Paterson
BOYCE William carrier Welchman's Flat Paterson
BRADLEY Henry settler Cory's Ck. Paterson
BRODERICK Mrs. boarding house Church St. Paterson
BROOKER & SON butchers Cintra Paterson
BROTHESON John labourer Clarendon Paterson
BUCKNELL Brothers settlers Big Ck. Paterson
BURGESS Mrs. Ann dressmaker --- Paterson
BURGESS Susan cook --- Paterson
BUXTON Thomas tobacco twister Halton Paterson
CANN Bros. general dealers Telimby Estate Paterson
CANN John farmer Telimby Estate Paterson
CANN Mrs. Jane midwife Telimby Estate Paterson
CANN William storekeeper --- Paterson
CARROLL& SONS saddlers --- Paterson
CLARK George road overseer --- Paterson
CLARK Richard farmer & overseer --- Paterson
CLEMENTS & SON settlers Bona Vista Estate Paterson
COLEMAN Arthur bailiff --- Paterson
COLEMAN BROTHERS settlers Lenexton Farm Paterson
COLLIER Richard sawyer --- Paterson
COOKE James carter --- Paterson
CORNER William jun. stockowner --- Paterson
CORNER William sen. storekeeper --- Paterson
CORY Edward G, JP land-holder --- Paterson
CRETTENDON C. sawyer Saunder's Vineyard Paterson
CROSS John groom --- Paterson
CURLE Thomas boatman --- Paterson
DALGELISH John freeholder Kempsey Paterson
DALLY John labourer Telimby Paterson
DAY Mrs. Mary laundress --- Paterson
DEVINE Richard farmer Big Ck. Paterson
DOWAL William stockman Martin's Ck. Paterson
DOYLE Edward tobacconist Clevedon Estate Paterson
DRINKWATER Thomas labourer --- Paterson
DUCK BROTHERS settlers Big Ck. Paterson
DUCK George farmer Mowbury Estate Paterson
DUNN Capt. J. H. farmer Old Banks Paterson
DUNN Sarah music teacher --- Paterson
DUNNING David settler Bona Vista Estate Paterson
ESCOTT Henry carrier Martin's Ck. Paterson
EDWARDS William carter --- Paterson
ENGLEHART John teacher --- Paterson
FERRIS Henry --- Lenexton Paterson
FERRIS John settler Lenexton Paterson
FRANKLAND George JP Mowbury House Paterson
FRY George servant --- Paterson
FRY Harry sexton --- Paterson
GALBRAITH John sawyer --- Paterson
GALBRAITH William wheelwright --- Paterson
GARDNER George dealer --- Paterson
GARRETT Ellen barmaid --- Paterson
GEORGE & SON auctioneers Summer Hill Paterson
GERVIS A. E. --- --- Paterson
GIBBS E. wheelwright --- Paterson
GILMORE John labourer --- Paterson
GOSLING Isaac carpenter Allyn River Paterson
GOULD & SON fencers Tocal Estate Paterson
HALL & SON stock-owners Money-bung-falls Paterson
HARRIS & SONS farmers Cornwall Vale Paterson
HARRIS James labourer --- Paterson
HARTUP Abram servant --- Paterson
HARTUP Mrs. Jane midwife --- Paterson
HARTUP Robert labourer --- Paterson
JACKSON Edward labourer Denning Hall Paterson
JARRETT Henry auctioneer Allyn River Paterson
JONES James saddler --- Paterson
JONES Mrs. Mary dressmaker --- Paterson
KEPPIE Andrew blacksmith --- Paterson
KEPPIE William wheelwright --- Paterson
KIDD John jun. groom Tocal Estate Paterson
KIDD John sen. groom Tocal Estate Paterson
KIDD William servant --- Paterson
KING John --- --- Paterson
KING John tailor --- Paterson
LANE M. bootmaker --- Paterson
LAWRIE & SONS tobacconists Allyn River Paterson
LEWIS Thomas settler Martin's Ck. Paterson
LINDSAY Thomas boatman --- Paterson
LONG Daniel --- --- Paterson
LONG Edmund telegraph clerk --- Paterson
LONG John tobacconist --- Paterson
LONG Mrs. M. A. housekeeper Gostwyck Paterson
LOVETT Charles carter --- Paterson
MACGELVERY M. horse breaker Bona Vista Paterson
MAGENNIS John overseer Telimby Estate Paterson
MAGENNIS Robert wheelwright --- Paterson
MARTIN Chas. horse breaker Beckham Farm Paterson
MARTIN Edward carrier Beckham Farm Paterson
MARTIN Mrs. Ann dairy Beckham Farm Paterson
MARTIN R. farmer Ringford Hill, Saunder's Farm Paterson
MUDD John horse breaker --- Paterson
MURRAY John gaoler --- Paterson
MUST Mrs. Jane laundress --- Paterson
MCALPINE W. M. settler --- Paterson
MCBRIDE A. labourer --- Paterson
MCCORMACK J., JP freeholder Allyn River Paterson
MCCORMACK John teacher Iona Estate Paterson
MCEWEN & SONS settlers Webber's Ck. Paterson
MCMAHON BROS. carriers Big Ck. Paterson
NEWBURY Benjamin --- --- Paterson
NINNES William tinsmith --- Paterson
NORRIS & SONS millers --- Paterson
NORTH John farmer --- Paterson
OLDFIELD & SONS farmers Telimby Estate Paterson
OLDFIELD James fencer Telimby Estate Paterson
ORMOND George carrier Gostwyck Paterson
PAINE John settler --- Paterson
PARISH BROS. settlers Big Ck. Paterson
PARISH Isaac sawyer Gostwyck Estate Paterson
PARK Alexander, JP freeholder Park's Ck. Paterson
PARK Robert, JP surgeon Park's Ck. Paterson
PATFIELD Samuel splitter Park's Ck. Paterson
PEDDER John stockman --- Paterson
PEDDER Mrs. Ellen laundress --- Paterson
PHILLIPS BROS. settlers --- Paterson
PHILLIPS Thomas bootmaker --- Paterson
PILGRAM John settler Mowbury Estate Paterson
PRICE Thomas settler Wallarobba Paterson
PUXTY Mrs. Mary innkeeper --- Paterson
READ BROS. bootmakers --- Paterson
REYNOLDS BROS. graziers Duning Hall Paterson
REYNOLDS Charles blood stock breeder Tocal Estate Paterson
ROBINS Mrs. Jane --- --- Paterson
ROBINSON Charles settler Mowbury Estate Paterson
ROBINSON Robert teamster Trevallyn Paterson
ROBINSON W. saddler Mountains Vale Paterson
SARGINSON James gardener Duning Hall Paterson
SAUNDERS John grazier Bluey Paterson
SAUNDERS Michael --- --- Paterson
SAUNDERS Mrs. postmistress --- Paterson
SAUNDERS Mrs. teacher of music --- Paterson
SCOTT Mrs. Jane grazier Bluey Paterson
SHAE John settler Big Ck. Paterson
SHAW John bricklayer --- Paterson
SHIELDS James settler Big Ck. Paterson
SMITH Green settler Telimby Estate Paterson
SMITH Joseph innkeeper --- Paterson
SMITH Mrs. James housekeeper --- Paterson
SMITH Richard blacksmith --- Paterson
SMITH Samuel settler Potter's River Paterson
STANBRIDGE & SON carpenters --- Paterson
STEEN William servant Stradbrook Paterson
STIRTON Rev. Thomas (Presbyterian) Telimby House Paterson
STUDDERT Charles librarian, School of Arts Forest Lodge Paterson
STUDDERT Robert CPS --- Paterson
SWAN & SONS graziers --- Paterson
TARBOLTON Arthur surgeon --- Paterson
TATTERSALL & GRIFFITHS timber merchants --- Paterson
TAYLOR Timothy settler Welchman's Flat Paterson
TAYLOR William carrier Welchman's Flat Paterson
THOMSON William dealer --- Paterson
THORP Thomas sawyer --- Paterson
TINKLER George horse breaker Webber's Ck. Paterson
TINKLER Usher freeholder Webber's Ck. Paterson
TOWNSHARD George --- Trevallyn Paterson
TRANTER & SON sawyers Butterwick Paterson
TUCKER & SON farmers Brisbane Grove Paterson
WADE William teamster --- Paterson
WARD Mrs. Ellen boarding house --- Paterson
WARMSLEY & SON tanners & curriers --- Paterson
WHITE & SON butchers --- Paterson
WHITE Boyle settler Gostwyck Paterson
WHITE George B. --- Gostwyck Paterson
WILLIAMS John tailor --- Paterson
WILLS James senior constable --- Paterson
WILLS Robert farmer Telimby Estate Paterson
WILSON Frederick undertaker --- Paterson
WILSON Henry blacksmith --- Paterson
WOODALL Joseph storekeeper & carrier --- Paterson
WOODS William carrier Hollow Ridges Paterson
WRIGHT Edward bootmaker --- Paterson