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Paterson River history

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Thomas Stubbs

Thomas Stubbs was born in the colony of New South Wales and served in the 24th regiment. At some stage he left the colony. In 1825 he and his wife Anne returned to New South Wales on the Lonach as free immigrants.[1]

By 1828 Thomas Stubbs was leasing Richard Binder's farm at Patersons Plains and Stubbs' occupation was listed as 'innkeeper'.[2] He was running the Hunter Inn on Binder's farm (this inn is clearly marked on Dangar's 1828 map).

The Hunter Inn was on Binder's farm

Thomas Stubbs' Hunter inn was on Binder's farm. This area is now part of the Woodville district.

Stubbs interest in Binders farm advertised for sale

Above: advertisement for the sale of Stubbs' farm in December 1833.

Stubbs farm and inn again for sale

Above: part of Stubbs' farm advertised for sale again, in July 1834. This portion included the Crown Inn.

In 1831 Stubbs installed a much improved punt on the Paterson River at the Old Banks crossing, described as follows:

An excellent punt has been placed on Paterson's River, at the Barracks or Court-house, Paterson's Plains. It has long been wanted, and will be a great convenience to the settlers on William's River, crossing the country to Maitland, having formerly been obliged to swim their horses, several of which have been drowned in the attempt. The punt is adapted for receiving carriages and waggons, with their loads. It is worked by a rope, extending from one side to the other. The settlers on both Rivers are indebted to Mr. Stubbs for this convenience, which, we trust, will amply remunerate the spirited proprietor.[3]

The punt crossing and its location near the court house as mentioned in the above press clipping can be seen on the map for Paterson Plains c1830 (see the detail in the circle at bottom right of the map).

In late 1833 Stubbs advertised his 80 acre interest in Binder's farm for sale, including two 'messuages', as shown in the press clipping at right.[4] (A 'messuage' is a dwelling-house with its outbuildings and adjacent land).

Just seven months later a 50 acre portion of this land was again advertised for sale. Apparently this portion contained the dwelling which functioned as an inn. The inn was now licensed and called the Crown Inn (see second press clipping at right).[5] It is one of the first licensed inns or hotels in the Paterson area.

Notes and references

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2. Hunter, Cynthia. The Settlers of Paterson's Plains. Paterson: Paterson Historical Society, 1997. Note: the 1828 census indicated Thomas and Anne living at Patricks Plains but, based on the other evidence, this is probably a mis-transcription of 'Patersons Plains'.

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External links

Index to the NSW Colonial Secretary's papers. There are several papers listed for Thomas Stubbs.

Further research needed

If you have information on Thomas, Anne and their son Robert (5 months old in 1828), or on the inn at Binder's Farm, please contact me.