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Paterson River history

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John Tucker senior and Ann Viles

[Albion Farm]

John Tucker senior was tried in London in 1789 and was about 29 years old when he arrived in NSW in 1791 on the ship Active with a seven year sentence for stealing various items including 490 yards of linen.[1] Soon after arrival he was assigned to the Sydney Commissariat as an assistant storekeeper.

In 1794 he married Ann Viles/Vales. Ann was born c1768 in England and tried in 1791 with her husband for stealing and receiving, found guilty and transported for 14 years, arriving in Sydney in 1792 on the Royal Admiral with her two children Ann and Sarah. Her husband was also transported but by 1793 he and the two children had died.

John and Ann had two children while in Sydney, John jnr born in 1795 and Charlotte in 1797. In 1803 John Tucker snr was promoted to the position of storekeeper with an annual salary of £50. In 1804 he was appointed as the first storekeeper at Newcastle, sacked in 1805 and reappointed in 1807.[2]

He was allowed to take up land on the Paterson River about 1812, possibly as a reward for his son John's role as a sawyer. In 1823 John senior retired from his position in Newcastle and moved to his land at Paterson's Plains that he named 'Albion Farm'. In 1824 the land was converted to a combined grant of 630 acres for him and John jnr. The combined grant of Albion Farm is shown in the map below.

John snr and Ann died at Albion Farm in 1834 and 1839 respectively and are buried there. The now unmarked family plot is believed to be located at 32° 39.80'S 151° 36.367'E. (If you have Google Earth on your device you can click on this kmz file to open the program and show the gravesite.)

Albion Farm as finally granted

The shaded area shows the combined grant of Albion Farm, 630 acres.


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