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Paterson River history

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Allynbrook Wine Bar

The Allynbrook Wine Bar, later known as Reynella Wine Bar, was established by a Mr Towns and then owned by McCann. The Bird family then held the licence for at least 85 years, from about 1881 until 1966. At first Ned Bird was licensee then Pat. Pat's wife Ellen Bird held the licence for 73 of those 85 years.

The Wine Bar was located about seven kilometres north of East Gresford on the Allyn River Road. Allan Hancock writes:[1]

In its hey day the wine bar also provided meals and board. It was also a focal point for news with messages being left for people who would eventually drop in. Bullock teams, timber cutters, travelling salesmen, stockmen, rabittos, school inspectors and local farmers all stopped - for a drink, a meal or board and often all three! Ellen would charge 2d a head for the bullocks to stay overnight in the back paddock and half a crown [25 cents] (per person) for tea, bed and breakfast.

In 1966 Ellen Bird sold the licence to Draytons when she was nearly 95 years of age. In 1971 Ellen celebrated her 100th birthday.

Allynbrook Wine Bar

The Allynbrook Wine Bar in the mid 1960s with Ellen Bird's licensee sign over the verandah. (Photo: courtesy of Allan Hancock).

The building survives today as a private residence.

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