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Paterson River history

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Cader Idris

Cader Idris was a 1,000 acre property on the Allyn River north of Vacy NSW. It was named after a mountain in Wales. Its first title holder was William Evans who acquired it in 1833. (Is this the same William Evans who settled at Bellevue on the lower Paterson? – if you know, please contact me).

Over the next few decades the property was leased to tenants. It was advertised for lease in 1845, described as well suppplied with water, with excellent cattle yards. In 1866 it was tenanted by Thomas Connelly when offered on a five to seven-year lease.

location of Cader Idris on the Fingal Parish map

Cader Idris is 6 km north of Vacy. The Allyn River forms its western boundary (Fingal Parish map, with digital additions)

In 1874 Cader Idris was advertised for sale, tenanted at that time by "Mr. Melmouth". The 1,000 acre property then had 60 acres under crop, with homestead and outbuildings. Robert Logan purchased the property in the 1870s, along with the neighbouring Allyn River properties of Torryburn, Campsie and Bingleburra. In 1875 a ten-year lease of Cader Idris was advertised and Mr Melmouth was still the tenant.

In 1875 Alfred J Melmouth was at Cader Idris and in 1878 the fifth daughter of William Melmouth was married there, followed by another daughter the following year. In the Campsie cricket team in 1880 were JH and AJ Melmouth (AJ was the captain).

The owner of Cader Idris, Robert Logan, died in 1896 and in 1903 Cader Idris was sold to Sidney Reynolds who also owned Duninald on the Paterson River. After Sidney's death Cader Idris was advertised for sale in two lots in 1926 and again in 1927. The homestead block of about 339 acres included a weatherboard house and a dairy.

sale poster for Cader Idris 1926

sale poster for Cader Idris 1926

death of Walter Drew

Dungog Chronicle, 7 August 1948 page 1.

Walter Drew purchased the homestead block and with his wife raised their family there over the next 22 years. He died in 1948 and Cader Idris was advertised for sale in 1949 as 327 acres. Details after that are sketchy. Apparently it was then owned by the Lawrence family and a Mrs Gardner and her sons Bruce and Ron. About 1974 it was purchased by Noel and Ruth Hedges who sold it in 1999.


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detail from 1926 sale poster for Cader Idris