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Paterson River history

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CBC Bank, now CBC B&B

In the early 1840s the Rev John Jennings Smith erected a small stone building on Church land at the corner of King and Duke streets, Paterson, to initially serve as both a church and school. After St Pauls was completed in 1845 the original stone building served as a school until its closure in 1874 (see photo below).

In March 1882 the Paterson Branch of the Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney (now the NAB) opened in temporary premises in the old Wellington Inn in King Street, Paterson, and in late May that year it moved to the Royal Oak Inn across the road.[1] About 1892 the Church of England sold the large corner block on which its stone school stood, to the CBC Bank. In 1902 the CBC erected the two-storey building which served as a bank until it closed in 1979 and then became a private residence. It is now the CBC Bed & Breakfast.

King St Paterson about 1885

Above: King St, Paterson about 1885. The Church of England school building is on the left, the Post Office in the middle and the Courthouse Hotel at right.

CBC Bank before completion in 1902

Above: The CBC Bank prior to its completion in 1902. It was built where the stone Church of England school previously stood.

King St Paterson in 1902

Above: Union day at Paterson in 1902, before the railway cut the town in two. The Court House picket fence is at centre right with carts parked alongside it, the newly built CBC Bank is the two storey building in the middle of the photo (photo: Athel D'Ombrain Collection, University of Newcastle).

CBC Bank, Paterson in 1970

Above: The CBC Bank in Paterson in 1970, prior to its closure in 1979 (photo: Athel D'Ombrain Collection, University of Newcastle).

The CBC Bed, Breakfast and Cafe

Above: The CBC Bed, Breakfast and Cafe (photo: Brian Walsh, 2013).


1. Maitland Mercury, 1 June 1882, 8. See also Maitland Mercury, 30 March 1882, as cited in Harry Boyle's Lower Hunter Index (microfiche).

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