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Paterson River history

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Church and School Corporation land

On 9 March 1826 the New South Wales government established the Clergy and School Lands Corporation (often referred to as the Church and School Corporation) and endowed it with one-seventh of the new lands of the colony for the sole use and benefit of the Church of England for religion and education. In the Paterson district, large tracts of lands were therefore set aside for the Corporation in the (civil) parishes of Middlehope and Butterwick.

The location and extent of the Church lands at Paterson appear on Dangar's 1828 map, indicated by the green areas on both sides of the river. Further detail is shown on the map of Paterson Plains c1830. There is also a map titled 'Church Reserve of Paterson Plains' drawn by GB White in 1831.

Dangar's 1828 map of Paterson area

Dangar's 1828 map. Church and School Corporation land is shown in green.

The Church reserves at Patersons Plains included a few small farms operated by convicts and free men who had been allowed to settle there by Governor Macquarie without title to the land. When the Church and School Corporation was formed these settlers were offered land in other areas. If they chose to stay their land would revert to the Corporation when their current leases expired in 1831. The Church reserves included the old glebe of the Rev. George Middleton, who surrendered it to the Corporation in 1827.

The Corporation's land grants were formally issued in 1829 but in that same year Governor Darling was informed from London that the Corporation was to be dissolved. Owing to legal difficulties, the charter of the Clergy and School Lands Corporation was not revoked until February 1833. After that the Church reserves became Crown land that was leased and eventually sold under various arrangements.

Details of correspondence, sales and maps relating to disposal of the Church and School Land in the Paterson area in the early 1870s can be found in this parliamentary report: part a - correspondence (7.4mb); part b - maps (2.2mb).

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