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Paterson River history

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Cornwall Vale

Cornwall Vale was an area of land running from in front of Bona Vista Homestead to the Paterson River. Following the death of James Phillips in 1851 the Bona Vista estate, then consisting of nearly 2,000 acres, was subdivided and advertised for sale in 1855 but not all the blocks were sold at the time. In 1859 lot 32, which would become known as "Cornwall Vale", was sold to James Keppie who in turn sold it to John Harris in 1863.

In 1914 this land again became part of Bona Vista when Henry Harris sold it to Moses Smith who in 1904 had purchased the rest of the Bona Vista land that is now part of Tocal. In 1974 Tocal purchased Bona Vista from the Smith Estate.

There were two residences on Cornwall Vale but both are now gone. One was on the western side of Tocal Road, built in about 1926 for a member of the Smith family. After the purchase of the property by the government it became a Tocal staff residence. In 1988 the house was sold and relocated to Wallarobba.

The other residence was built in the late 19th century on the river side of Tocal Road, just north of the bridge (see photo below).

the Cornwall Vale precinct

Above: the Cornwall Vale precinct. The two residences that are non-extant today are at the far right (satellite image © Google Earth Pro). Below: a 1940 aerial photo showing the two residences.

1940 aerial photo


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