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Paterson River history

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Cricketers' Arms Inn

The Cricketers' Arms Inn opened in 1864, run by Frederick Wilson. It was just north of Paterson village, on Commercial Road near the Australasian Steam Navigation Company's Wharf and was prone to flooding. The map below shows the wharf. The Inn was located approximately in the circled area.[1]

After a huge flood on the Paterson River in March 1875 came into the top floor of the Cricketers' Arms, Mr Wilson demolished the hotel and used the materials to rebuild it on high ground beside the Court House. It opened in January 1876 as the Court House Hotel.[2]

Commercial Road, Paterson

Commercial Road was on low ground near the river. Today Gresford Road exits Paterson on higher ground to the west. The main part of Paterson village is offscreen at bottom right (source: National Library of Australia).

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