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Paterson River history

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The Hunter/Crown Inn

Location of 'The Hunter' (hotel)

Dangar's 1828 map showing the inn at left.

The earliest hotel in the Paterson district was 'The Hunter'. Later it was probably renamed 'The Crown'.

'The Hunter'

'The Hunter' was operating as an inn by 1828, the earliest licensed hotel in the Paterson district. It was at Patersons Plains, downstream from where the village of Paterson was later established and on the opposite side of the river in what is now the Woodville district.

The Hunter inn was run by Thomas Stubbs on land he leased from Richard Binder. The Hunter was still licensed to Stubbs in 1830 but by 1832 it had probably been renamed The Crown (unless it closed and The Crown started up on the same farm).[1]

The Hunter was on Binder's farm

Patersons Plains in 1821, superimposed on a satellite image. The Hunter inn was on Binder's farm. This area is now part of the Woodville district.

The Crown

1831 map showing Stubbs farm

1831 map showing buildings on Stubbs farm (at right). One of the buildings was almost certainly the Crown Inn. The punt installed by Stubbs is also marked at left.

The Crown was also on Binder's farm that had been leased by Stubbs. It was probably 'The Hunter' that had been renamed. According to the licensing records 'The Crown' or 'The Crown Inn' operated from 1832 to 1837 . In 1832 and 1833 its licensee was George Furber, followed by Charles Olive from 1834 to 1837.

When part of Stubbs' farm was advertised for sale in 1834 it included 'a substantial house, now licensed and known as the Crown Inn, Paterson's Plains.[2]

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