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Paterson River history

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Emral for sale in 1834

In the 1800s most of the river frontage on the upper Paterson between Mount Rivers and Carrabolla was contained within two properties named "Guygallon" and "Emral".

Emral consisted of 2,560 acres granted to James Phillips Webber by Governor Darling in 1830. On the accompanying map it is located south of the Paterson River, between blocks E, F and G of Guygallon. James named the property Emral after Emral Brook in Wales near where he was born. He used Emral as a sheep run to complement his agricultural activities at Tocal.

In 1834 James Webber adverised Emral for sale (see Sydney Herald 23 October 1834 at right) and in January 1835 he sold it to George Townshend for £480 prior to departing the Colony (LTO Reg G, no. 824). He had sold Tocal the previous year.

A small part of Emral is now below the waters of Lostock Dam.

map of Guygallon and Emral


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