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Paterson River history

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Grain Store at Paterson

The two-storey brick grain store was built by William Corner in 1863.[1] It still stands, minus its roof, on Gresford Road just north of Paterson. When Corner built the granary he owned both of Paterson's flour mills on nearby Commercial Road and later lived across the road in Sussex House.

William Corner's grain store at Paterson

Above: William Corner's grain store on Gresford Road, Paterson as it stands today (photo: Brian Walsh).

Below: the grain store decades earlier (photo: Paterson Historical Society).

William Corner's grain store at Paterson looking north from Paterson with the grain store in the centre

Above: looking north from Paterson, with Corner's grain store in the centre (photo: Paterson Historical Society)

Below: looking across a flooded Paterson River at the grain store on the right and Sussex House on the left (photo: Paterson Historical Society)

the grain store with the Paterson River in flood


1. Maitland Mercury, 19 November 1863.

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