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Junction Inn (Beatty Hotel), East Gresford

A Junction Inn at "Gresford Road, Paterson" was first licensed in late 1865 or early 1866 to John Carroll (its first annual licence renewal was July 1866), then to Joseph Carroll in 1867 and 68 at which point the licence ceased. Four years later, in March 1872, a Junction Inn on Allyn and Paterson Roads at Gresford was licensed to John Beatty. John then held the licence continuously into the early 1900s and the licence remained under the Beatty name until the death of Mrs MC Beatty in November 1935.[1] This business still trades today as the Beatty Hotel.

The Junction Inn may have originally been built by Charles Boydell, with Beatty as licensee and publican.[2] As the photo below shows, it was a rambling wooden building that included a saddlery, pharmacy and joinery.

Junction Inn pre 1900

The Junction Inn at East Gresford in the late 1800s. The main sign reads "Junction Inn, John Beatty". The smaller sign on the far right reads "W.P. Russell, saddle and harness maker". Outside the Inn is G Fry's coach from Paterson, driven by George Wells senior. On the coach are the words "Royal Mail, Paterson". There is a larger copy of the photo on the Paterson Museum's Flickr site.

In 1900 James Boydell decided to build a two-storey brick hotel adjacent to the Junction Inn. On 20 April 1901 the Maitland Mercury reported that John Beatty had transferred from his "old rambling wooden premises" into the new building named the Victoria Hotel. Beatty leased the building until he purchased the land from the future Camyr Allyn subdivision. In 1937 the name was changed from the Victoria Hotel to the Beatty Hotel and it still operates under that name today.[2]

Victoria Hotel, East Gresford

The hotel traded as the Victoria Hotel from 1901 to 1937 (Photo: Gresford Historical Society).

Victoria Hotel, East Gresford

The Victoria Hotel in 1930 (Photo: Tooths Yellow Cards).

Beatty Hotel, East Gresford

Beatty Hotel, formerly the Victoria Hotel, in 1939 (Photo: Tooths Yellow Cards).

Beatty Hotel, East Gresford

The Beatty Hotel, East Gresford (photo: Brian Walsh).

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