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Paterson River history

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"Lewinsbrook" on the Allyn River was a 2,560 acre grant to Alexander Park in 1826. He had arrived in New South Wales from Britain earlier that year on the same ship as his would-be neighbours George Townshend and Charles Boydell. Lewinsbrook was across the Allyn River from Townshend's "Trevallyn" and Boydell's "Camyr Allyn".

Alexander Park was a bachelor. He first he made his home at "Strathallyn" on his "Lewinsbrook" grant. Strathallyn was on the western end of Lewinsbrook, near the Allyn River (about a kilometre south east of the current village of East Gresford). Park then built and moved into Lewinsbrook homestead in the 1830s. In 1837 his sister and brother-in-law, Alison and James Dalglish, arrived from Scotland and lived at Stathallyn before later settling on nearby Campsie. Alexander's brother Robert also arrived in the colony in 1837 and lived with Alexander at Lewinsbrook. Robert was a qualified medical practitioner.

location of Lewinsbrook on the Fingal Parish map

Lewinsbrook is on the Allyn River, south east of Gresford (Fingal Parish map, with digital additions).

Dr Robert Veitch Park

Dr Robert Veitch Park

Alexander Park expanded his landholdings by purchasing Crown Land to the north and north west of his original Lewinsbrook grant. He owned well over 10,000 acres on the Allyn River and along a creek he named "Lewins Brook" which ran north from his original grant though his land that was later named Bingleburra. Alexander and Robert planted large vineyards and successfully grew varietes of vines introdced from Madiera

Alexander Park was a member of the NSW Parliament (Leglislative Council) from 1853-1856, 1858-1861 and was appointed a member for life in 1868. He died at Lewinsbrook in 1873.

Dr Robert Veitch Park lived at Lewinsbrook from his arrival in 1837. In 1861, at the age of 48, he married Harriet Boydell, daughter of Charles Boydell and great grand-daughter of John Blaxland. She was 24 years younger than him and, in fact, he had attended her birth and brought her into the world. They had eight children (four boys and four girls) and all lived at Lewinsbrook. Robert died at Lewinsbrook in 1888 and Harriet died in 1905, still owning Lewinsbrook.

Lewinsbrook homestead c1960s

Lewinsbrook homestead built in the 1830s, shown here c1970s, before restoration (photo: Paterson Historical Society).

Detail from the 1912 subdivision of Lewinsbrook

Detail from the poster for the 1912 subdivision and sale of Lewinsbrook. Brennans Farm (at left near the Allyn River) was the earlier location of "Strathallyn", Alexander Park's first home. Near Lewinsbrook homestead (his second home), note the three old vineyards shown on the map. The full poster is shown at the bottom of this page.

Lewinsbrook homestead in 2017

Lewinsbrook homestead in 2017 (photo: Brian Walsh). Note: private property, no public access.

poster for the 1912 subdivision of Lewinsbrook

Poster for the subdivision and sale of Lewinsbrook estate in 1912. View zoomable version at State Library NSW.