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Paterson River history

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Loch Goyle

Richard Lang arrived in Sydney as a free settler in 1824 and soon afterwards was granted 500 acres of land on the Paterson River in the area then known as Paterson's Plains, now part of the Woodville district.[1] Before the deeds were prepared he sold the land to John Taggart but it was not until 1839 that the deeds were issued to Taggart.[2]

John Taggart advised the Colonial Secretary that he had named the grant "Loch Goyle". His 500 acres shared boundaries with Clifden and Woodville estate, while Albion Farm lay a short distance to the west.

Loch Goyle's 500 acres

Loch Goyle's 500 acres shared boundaries with "Clifden" and "Woodville". Clarence Town Road is shown in brown.

Loch Goyle in Butterwick Parish

Loch Goyle comprised lot 53 in Butterwick Parish.

John Taggart was a master mariner but on land found himself in a sea of debt and bankrupt during the 1840s economic depression.[3] In 1836 he had taken out a mortgage of £600 with Richard Lang to partly finance the purchase of Loch Goyle from Lang and was unable to repay it. In early 1843, with his debt having grown to £845 including interest, he surrendered Loch Goyle to Lang in exchange for a cash payment from Lang of £20 and release from the mortgage.[4]

Taggart declared insolvent

John Taggart was declared insolvent in March 1846.[3]

Lang held onto Loch Goyle until the depression had passed. In 1855 he hold it to Hinton publican Jane Stafford for £1,200.[5] She in turn sold Loch Goyle to "Jonathon Young of Hinton, gentleman", in 1856 for £1,300.[6]

Jonathon Young died in 1873 but his wife and family continued to live at Loch Goyle at least into the 1890s.[7]


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