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Paterson River history

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Keppie's sawmill at Paterson

Keppie's sawmill, run by Peter and Dick Keppie, was a landmark on the bank of Paterson River in Paterson village from about 1890[1] until it was badly damaged by fire in 1911.[2]


Keppie's sawmill at Paterson about 1909, with the rail bridge under construction behind it (photo: Paterson Historical Society).

In late 1912 the fire-damaged sawmill was purchased by Messrs R Sims & Son, A Ebbeck and C Bridge, with the intention of improving and expanding the plant. We don't know exactly when the sawmill finally shut.[3]


Keppie's sawmill with bullock teams passing by on 'low road' north (Commercial Road) (photo: Paterson Historical Society).


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