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Paterson River history

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Paterson's corn staddle

This unique heritage building stands proudly in Tucker Park, Paterson. It is the only staddle left in the Hunter Valley and one of only two known to remain in Australia. The other one is in Bothwell, Tasmania.[1]

The Paterson staddle and the nearby hearse shed are the remnants of a complex of buildings for Fry's coaches that stood on this site in the days before the railway arrived. From 1866 to 1911 this site was the base for the coaching enterprise that served the Hunter Valley and northern New South Wales.

The corn staddle was designed to store grain and fodder in a dry, vermin free environment. The grain and fodder was grown on the fertile river flats nearby and used to feed the horses that pulled the coaches.

The corn staddle in Tucker Park, Paterson

Above: The corn staddle in Tucker Park, Paterson, after its restoration in 2014.


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