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Paterson River history

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St Paul's Anglican Church, Eccleston

The former St Paul's Anglican Church at Eccleston is now a private residence, on the Allynbrook Road about 45km from Paterson. In 1853 Hugh Massie gave two acres of land to the Church of England for a church and school bulding at Eccleston. From 1853 to 1863 a school operated from the site but closed when the teacher left. Services continued to be held in the building which was made of timber slabs with a shingle roof.

the first St Pauls Eccleston

Eccleston's first church, photographed about 1908 (Furner Family Collection, copy courtesy of Ivan Skaines).

From 1867 to 1885 the building was used as a non-denominational school (public school 1867 to 1876; provisional school 1876 to 1880; public school from 1880). In 1885 a new public school was built in a separate location at Eccleston, leaving the old slab building to serve solely as an Anglican church.

In 1924 the old church was rebuilt and dedicated as St Paul's, Eccleston. Remarkably, a cedar log grown on church ground was used for the rebuild.

cedar log used to rebuild St Pauls

A cedar log, grown on church ground, used for the rebuild of St Paul's Eccleston (Photo by Edgar Marceau, Paterson Historical Society).

rebuilding St Pauls Eccleston in 1924

Rebuilding of St Paul's Eccleston in May 1924 (Photo by Edgar Marceau, Paterson Historical Society).

St Pauls Eccleston in 2013

St Paul's Eccleston in 2013 (Photo by Brian Walsh).

Interior of St Pauls Eccleston in 2013

The interior of St Paul's Eccleston in 2013 (Photo by Brian Walsh).

Dwindling numbers spelt the demise of the little church and in June 2017 it was sold by auction to become a private residence.

auction notice for St Pauls Eccleston

Auction notice for St Paul's Eccleston and St James' Martins Creek in 2017.


Seven Little Churches of the Paterson Valley, by David Brouwer (in preparation, April 2020).