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Paterson River history

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Tressingfield is a rural property on the Paterson River at Woodville. In the early years it was sometimes known by the name of the house on it, namely "Carlton Cottage".

The boundaries and size of Tressingfield have changed over time, the first title-holders (c1835) to the land as it later stood in its largest form were William Peagum Coleman, Alexander Livingstone and James Cohen. A small section fronting Paterson Road was originally held by Benjamin Lee. Details are sketchy – please contact me if you have further information.

William Coleman died in 1852 and in 1857 Tressingfield and Carlton Cottage were put up for lease (see press clipping below). By 1858 Charles Robert Middleton had taken up the lease. He was the eldest son of the Rev. GA Middleton.

1857 advertisment for the lease of Tressingfield

Tressinglfield, including Carlton Cottage, were put up for lease in 1857 (Maitland Mercury 7 April 1857 page 3).

Woodville news 1878

Report of J Pearse's new house at Tressingfield (Maitland Mercury 6 July 1878 page 12).

In 1873 CR Middleton relinquished his farming pursuits at Tressingfield and in 1877 the property was purchased by John Pearse JP.

Pearse renovated and extended the residence at Tressingfield, which was probably Carlton Cottage. It seems, although it is not entirely clear, that from then on both the house and property were referred to as "Tressingfield". Part of JW Pender's plan of the works, dated December 1877, is shown below (or view full plan).

Plans for new house at Tressingfield

JW Pender's plans for additions and improvements to Tressingfield house, December 1877 (University of Newcastle Archives).

extract from map of Butterwick Parish 1886

Extract from map of Butterwick Parish 1886 showing the location of Tressingfield house (arrow added), two huts and Cohen's house. The purple outline and shading (both added) indicate the boundaries of Tressingfield at the time of its subdivision and sale in 1914. The names shown are first title-holders, NOT the owners at the time the map was made.

Tressingfield c1970

Tressingfield c1972 (Athel D'Ombrain Collection, University of Newcastle Archives).

In October 1914 John Pearse sold Tressingfield in three lots. The homestead containing 83 acres sold to William Carter for £3,500; lot 2 containing 37 acres sold to W Hicks; and lot 3 sold to Herb Patfield (source: Maitland Daily Mercury 8 October 1914 page 4).

advertisement for the sale of Tressingfield in 1914

Sydney Stock and Station Journal 2 October 1914 page 9.

Tressingfield lots 1 to 3 in 1914

Tressingfield lots 1 to 3 in the 1914 sale, plotted on Google Earth.


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